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Plastic Granules

Recycled plastic granules are the result of a very important process, especially regarding the impact over the environment. Treatment and reuse of plastic waste can be a very useful and efficient instrument, both regarding cost reduction and energy saving.

Because of this reason ECOSISTEM, thanks to it's long experience in this field, is proud to know how to use a valuable resource as recycled plastic, giving it back it's re-usability in the form of plastic granules for use in industrial purpouses, making it so that recyclable waste in not lost, but distribuited via an industrial model with an ecological point of view.

Why choose us?

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    The quality of the production process for the reclaimed plastic granule is able to satisfy all our customers needs, while providing the possibility of a customized request.

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    Experience has allowed us to fully understand the dynamics of recycling plastics so that we meet our customers' needs and build a long term relationship with them. .

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    We specialize in every product we deliver, our ultimate goal is to earn the trust of partners, providing quality products, competitive prices and timely delivery of goods.

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    Our products are accompanied by the special analisys reports.

Our Products

Transparent LDPE Granule form regenerated plastic
Color LDPE Granule form regenerated plastic