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Glass recycling

Recycling glass containers (jars and bottles) or flat glass (windows and windshields) has the advantage that:
> reintroduces into the economic cycle reusable material;
> reduces the volume of material from garbage landfills

The factory has operations of manual sorting according to origin (packaging or construction), grinding, magnetic separation of metals, plastic wrap and vacuuming labels, and the final product glass beads.


  • > manufacturing glass or fiberglass;
    > blasting material;
    > mixing paint;

  • > filtering elements for water, septic tanks, etc..;
    > filling material for roads;

  • > components for composite materials (concrete, asphalt, etc..);
    > Mosaic Colored plates and other decorative uses;

  • > anti-slip material;
    > bags with counterweight purpouses;
    > filling material around pipes.

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